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Cody West

Cody West is an integral part of the GS team, exemplifying the spirit of growth and optimistic progress that Gravity Systems embraces as an IT company. Cody is an A+ certified technician, and in addition to his work at GS has garnered extensive  experience with computers and technology by helping his church and  local schools with their computers. Cody’s role as a computer technician allows him to foster his fascination with computers, a trait that translates perfectly into his daily work or providing excellent support to Gravity Systems clients. Since childhood, Cody was always intrigued by computers and intensely interested in discovering what makes them tick, leading to a desire to learn to fix them. His favorite aspect of his work is in finding concise and accurate solutions, and in the resolution of problems that arise for the clients he helps.

Cody comes from Gulf Shores, Alabama, where he went to Middle and High School; he is an obliging brother and caring owner of two dogs. In his spare time, Cody most enjoys building custom computers, reading fiction books, and spending time with his father and brothers playing softball and video games.

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