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Stephanie Miles

Stephanie Miles performs a variety of critical tasks across all areas of the business, ranging from administrative tasks to marketing to purchasing and renewals tracking. A native of the Los Angeles area, she graduated from University of California Irvine, where she cultivated her love of communication and culture through a degree in East Asian Languages and Literatures. She started her career as an intern Editorial Assistant, and has held various communication- and writing-oriented positions. She has travelled and volunteered in multiple countries across the globe, an experience which has enabled her to adeptly meet the ever-changing demands of the company. As a deeply empathetic individual, she enjoys being able to integrate her care for others with the close-knit team at Gravity Systems and the “GS way” of helping others.


Stephanie uses her weekends and evenings to pursue her passions of volunteerism and social activism; she currently spends her time volunteering at a local animal shelter. Her favorite pastimes include spending time with her family, gardening and taking care of their two cats.

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