GravityMail Advanced

Email and calendar applications can help your employees stay on mission only when they're in synch with each other and up to date with the latest incoming data. Fortunately, GravityMail Advanced from Gravity Systems Houston makes it easier than ever to synchronize, backup and archive emails, calendar tasks and events lists through secure remote hosting over the Gravity Systems Houston server. Put your all synchronized data up on the cloud so everyone gets the message, every time!

Bringing It All Together

GravityMail Advanced is amazingly fast and simple to set up and run with the aid of your friends here at Gravity Systems Houston. You'll love the fact that it's compatible with a variety of standard file sharing and network protocols, and that it synchs information from all your favorite applications such as Entourage, iCal and Outlook. You can view all your updated info and contribute your own updates from any Internet-enabled computer running Windows, Mac or Linux. Push that synched data to Blackberries, iPhones or other smartphones for easy access from remote locations. If you like, you can even opt to use the included groupware apps as an alternative to more cumbersome desktop-based programs.

Your Data Is Safe with Us

Just because your email and calendar data is flying around on the cloud doesn't mean it isn't protected -- quite the opposite, in fact! GravityMail Advanced uses cutting-edge anti-spam and anti-virus software and serious firewall protection to guard against junk email, malware, spoofing, phishing and other undesirable activity. We also provide regularly scheduled automated backups to ensure that your data can't disappear. You can even archive your email for easy future reference and compliance.

Put everyone at your business on the same page with GravityMail Advanced, the Web-driven way to stay in synch. Contact Gravity Systems today!