Symantec Small Business Products for Houston

Everything's bigger in Texas, but even a small Houston company deserves the same level of security software as the fat cats. Gravity Systems understands this need, and as a registered Symantec Product Specialist, we're ready to address it. Symantec's products offer superb protection against security threats and possible data loss. Don't be a victim -- be prepared!

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Endpoint data protection doesn't have to bog down your hardware and hog all your processing power. Now you can protect your systems and use them at the same time! Symantec™ Endpoint Protection secures PC and Mac systems alike against malware "bugs" with maximum speed and efficiency. PassMark® found that it smokes Kaspersy for speed and uses only half as much system resources as Trend Micro or McAfee®. No wonder they rated Symantec Endpoint Protection #1 -- and we think you will too.

Symantec Backup Exec

The future of your business could depend on how thoroughly you can backup and recover your data -- and that's why you need Symantec Backup Exec™. This single-agent application, an ideal complement to a system running Windows Small Business Server Edition , is a beautifully reliable backup and archiving solution. You'll be amazed at how its integrated deduplication and archiving can fit a maximum amount of data into a minimum amount of drive space, making it a great way to shrink your data footprint as well as your management costs. And Symantec Backup Exec restores your data in a matter of seconds, whether you're using physical systems or virtual ones.

Symantec System Recovery

How much time and productivity (in other words, money) do you lose every time you have to restore a crashed data system? If you have  Symantec™ System Recovery 2011, the answer is -- not much! Its patented Anyware technology can cope with virtual environments, non-matching hardware, remote data location and other common obstacles. So instead of sitting around watching your company lose money, you're back up and running in minutes! 787,000 satisfied clients use this robust solution for their own businesses -- isn't it time you joined them?