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Why settle for an ordinary firewall when you can have a SonicWALL? Your firewall must stand guard against an ever-increasing amount of unwanted, possibly dangerous data. But not all guards are created equal, whether they're real humans watching a door or firewalls watching your IT. To make sure your firewall is "smart" enough to react to even the slightest sign of trouble, you need SonicWALL. SonicWALL's state-of-the-art content filtering technology, VPN support and anti-hacker features know how to keep your system secure.

Old Tech: Packet Filtering

Old-school packet filtering still drives many firewall systems in businesses around the world, but it's no longer the smart solution for today's world. These systems typically  rely on DHCP or NAT protocols in their broadband routers, making it easy to connect to the Internet but hard to protect against serious intrusions. Packet filtering scrutinizes the packet header on incoming chunks of information, but then lets the rest of the packet slide by -- and that part of the packet could carry IP spoofing, DNS or other damaging data.

New Tech: Stateful Packet Inspection

Stateful packet inspection firewalls finish the job that packet filtering merely starts. These firewalls read the header, but then they keep reading the rest of the packet until they have confirmed whether the entire message is safe enough to pass down the IT pipeline. If any irregular data appears to indicate the work of bad guys, a stateful packet  inspection firewall will grab it and quarantine it immediately. So if you want the level of protection most enterprise level companies are now adopting, you need SonicWALL.


SonicWALL's advanced feature set includes:

  • The latest standards in firewall protection. A firewall from SonicWALL confirms to ICSA certification and other current industry standards, ensuring cutting-edge performance.
  • Support for multiple protocols. SonicWALL's compatibility with PPoE, NAT and DHCP protocols offers unparalleled flexibility with no loss of protective strength.
  • Simple installation and user-friendly operation. SonicWALL includes easy-to-follow installation wizards and an intuitive Web Management interface so you can set it up right the first time and run it like a pro.
  • Comprehensive extras. SonicWALL gives you more than just a firewall -- it also includes IP Sec VPN, Network Anti-Virus, and other security applications designed to make your security complete.
  • Automated updating. As the outside world evolves, so does SonicWALL. Ongoing automated security updates keep your firewall strong against new enemies.


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