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Pat yourself on the back for taking your company’s IT security seriously. By running regular backups, installing patches, educating your employees on smart practices, and making sure that your firewall remains strong, you’re helping to keep your organization safe from malware, hackers, and unfortunate accidents. But our Austin IT managed services specialists would like to make a suggestion: Apply that same care to the management of your smartphones. Here are some steps to consider.

Install those upgrades

Whenever you or your employees see a message that a new version of an app has become available, always upgrade it immediately. These upgrades often include important security patches and other protective measures.

Secure your smartphones’ access

Set up all devices for two-factor authentication to defeat password thieves’ attempts to access the devices. If your smartphones have biometric sensors such as fingerprint readers, by all means take advantage of this additional security measure.

Don’t leak data needlessly

Set up your company’s smartphones with VPN apps for the extra anonymity and privacy protection that these apps provide. If you use iPhones, disable screen notification and Siri on locked screens. On Android, set your Smart Lock to come on whenever you’re in an unfamiliar place.

Be ready for device loss or theft

Have the devices’ Find My iPhone or Find My Device options enabled at all times. If a device goes lost or gets stolen, you can locate that device and disable it remotely.

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