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Your hardwired LAN has served its purpose admirably -- but it’s time to expand. How do you augment your IT network without adding miles of cabling to the system? Your answer may lie in the world of wireless components and connectivity.

Invest in Enterprise class wireless!  You can now add devices without laying down a complex web of new cables or rebuilding a whole new hardwired network from scratch. If you’re spreading out and assigning new employees or departments to different rooms, they can all access the network and share data wirelessly. You can grow your network to keep pace with your needs as easily and cost-effectively as possible.


As effective as this solution is, it comes with a few caveats to bear in mind. For one thing, you’ll get faster speeds through dedicated Ethernet connections than current WiFi standards can provide. This means that if you need to transfer really large files between devices, you’ll want to hardwire those devices to the network and reserve your WiFi capabilities for more ordinary tasks.

support for your hybrid network

Another consideration involves ongoing support for your hybrid network. Keeping two types of connectivity in good working order obviously requires expertise in both approaches. (At least you can check the status of your WiFi connections without having to inspect cable jacks or wires.) You must also confront the issue of security. Wireless connections are inherently less secure than wired ones. You’ll want to make sure that your hybrid network incorporates the latest wireless encryption standards, with strong, intelligent password management to keep intruders out of the loop.


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