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Here's a scenario to keep any business owner awake at night: You take a wrong turn on the Information Superhighway, and you're confronted with a frightening-looking screen bearing even more frightening news – your critical data is no longer accessible to you unless you pay an exorbitant fee. This is ransomware, and it's a very real threat to IT systems everywhere, unless you have the expert guidance of yourAustin IT support teamat Gravity Systems.

The term “ransomware” applies to any kind of malware that prevents you from viewing or using your personal business or system files unless you pay up. The bad guys can come at you from several angles, some more damaging than others. The least scary ones are probably the phony virus alerts that require you to pay for the “bugs” supposedly found by the program or website. This kind of ransomware may or may not lock you out of your files. The more heavy-duty types of ransomware warn you that the government or some other official-sounding institution has locked down your entire computer unless you pay a “fine.” Most devastating of all are ransomware programs such as Locky, which actually encrypt all the data on your drive – so even if you still have the use of your computer, your files are useless to you.


Gravity Systems can help you fight these digital kidnappers. For instance, we can determine whether data has merely been hidden instead of locked away, in which case we can restore it easily and zap the ransomware off your system. We can also keep your data backed up on our secure remote server so that if the worst happens, you can fall back on the most recent backup and keep your business alive. Call us today – before your data gets held for ransom!

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