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There’s no denying the popularity of Apple products in today’s electronics-happy world. You’ll see iPods, iPads, and Macbooks gracing countless coffee shop tables -- not only for personal use, but also for doing business. But that doesn’t mean that you should scrap your current PC technology in favor of Macs. Let’s examine why.

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  • Compatibility conflicts

    - As a general rule, Apple products and PC products don’t get along particularly well. For one thing, you must choose whether you’re going to live in the world of MacOS or Windows. Trying to maintain both operating systems would double the amount of backup, maintenance and troubleshooting work you’d have to do, with different servers running each system.
  • Cost

    - Apple products have always sold at a premium compared to PCs, partly as a matter of marketing perception and partly due to the end-to-end control the company enforces over manufacturing and parts. PCs can be assembled and sold at much more affordable prices, making them better value.
  • Repair/upgrade hassles

    - The same tight controls maintained by Apple over its devices also makes those devices a major headache to repair or upgrade. In many cases, tasks as straightforward as replacing a battery can't be performed by the user, at least not without voiding the warranty. PCs tend to be a lot easier to work on in this regard.
  • Software limitations

    - While it’s true that most basic office tasks can be performed with equal ease on either an Apple or a PC, you’re still faced with buying different versions of the same software for each kind of product. You may also find many instances where you can’t find an Apple equivalent to the specific program you need. Unless your business requires certain Apple-only programs, you’re better off sticking with PC.

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