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Once again we find ourselves facing another Black Friday. Whether your business is based in Austin or any other city, you'll see a flood of retail activity all around you, from lines of shoppers waiting outside your brick-and-mortar store to a flurry of incoming orders on your website. And just as many consumers and cashiers find Black Friday a dizzying, overwhelming experience, IT systems can experience serious challenges of their own. Let's look at the potential problems you may need to address – and how our Austin IT support team can help you address them.

Here's a nightmare scenario: Your IT system is humming along as usual when a sudden short-circuit, line failure, or lightning strike completely disables your hardware – possibly even frying it in the process. If you're like most businesses, you can't afford the massive downtime and massive replacement/repair bills such a situation would entail. Let's look at some steps you can take to prevent them, courtesy of our Austin tech support  specialists at Gravity Systems.

Hard drives, SSD drives, and USB flash/thumb drives provide essential storage for your all-important data – so it only makes sense to take good care of them. Here are some smart usage and maintenance tips from your Austin IT business support team at Gravity Systems.

Do you have mixed emotions about upgrading your operating system? Of course you want your business to enjoy optimal functionality and robust security, but will a new OS bring new headaches? Let's examine the issue of when to upgrade to that next OS version.

When you think of the word “legacy,” you may think of powerful, generation-spanning achievements – but some legacies can leave trouble in their wake as well. You may discover this the hard way if your company relies on legacy tech – old-school technology that remains in service even after newer tech has passed it by. Let's look at some ways legacy tech might cause you to lose the race in today's competitive business environment.

Does your IT system have a need for speed? State-of-the-art Internet connectivity options can promise faster speeds, greater bandwidth, and more solid uptime than ever before. But not all of these options make ideal sense for all organizations and locations, so it helps to understand which of them suit your specific needs. Here are some thoughts on the subject from your Austin IT support team at Gravity Systems.

When business owners talk about their books these days, they aren't necessarily referring to profit and loss numbers – they're talking about notebook computers. But what kinds of “books” make sense for your workforce, projects, and industry? Here's quick glance at the different performance levels, courtesy of your Austin tech support  experts at Gravity Systems. 

Ideally, you've turned to a leading Austin IT managed services provider such as Gravity Systems to make certain your IT system is secure. But there's still one potential failure point you may not have considered – your workforce. A simple mistake by a single employee can make your system vulnerable to all kinds of abuse. So let's review some smart security habits you need to impart to your employees.

Now that we're into football season, you'll probably be seeing games where it all comes down to what happens in the fourth quarter. The decisions made during that period can make all the difference in a team's score – or in its entire season. Well, business purchasing decisions are like that too, especially where IT is concerned. Let's take a moment to examine how some well-considered Q4 purchases, as guided by our Austin IT business support team at Gravity Systems, can help you prepare your business for its next profitable and productive year.

Texas and Arizona summers are always hot, and your IT system can get even hotter. But that doesn't mean you have to send your electric bill through the roof to protect your equipment. Here are some budget-friendly best practices from our Austin, Houston and Phoenix business IT support experts at Gravity systems.