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"Little things mean a lot." That's not just the refrain of a sentimental old song – it's advice to live by when you're trying to get the most out of your IT system. Here are some small changes you can implement right now to boost your business's efficiency and productivity, courtesy of your Austin tech support team at Gravity Systems.

Imagine discovering that your entire store of client, financial, or project information has disappeared in the wink of an eye. It's a nightmarish thought – but it happens all the time. Some 60 percent of businesses that fall victim to catastrophic data loss end up having to close their doors. That's a frightening number – but you can avoid becoming a statistic by performing regular data backups. Even so, there are smarter ways and less-smart ways to go about protecting your precious data from oblivion. Here are some key points to think about, courtesy of our Austin IT managed services team at Gravity Systems.

Hacker attacks have risen to the top of every organization's bugaboo list, from the horrific Heart bleed attack a few years ago to the epidemics of ransomware attacks and major security breaches that continue to plague organizations. Even when these attacks don't represent legitimate threats, they can lead business owners to make some very expensive miscalculations. Our Austin IT support experts at Gravity Systems want to brief you on how to recognize these hacker attacks so you (and we) can respond to them.

For many businesses, a fresh year means a fresh start on success strategies, with a whole new set of goals, tactics and milestones to make the new year a memorable one. If you're planning on making 2019 a banner year for your company, maybe now is the perfect time to implement some improvements to your IT strategies as well. Consider these productivity-boosting changes:

Here we are at another holiday season – which, for many of us, means not a total absence from work but a combination of work and play. If you're planning on taking at least some of your workload with you as you head off on that richly-deserved vacation, do you have the proper technology in place to stay comfortably productive? Here are some suggestions from our Austin IT business services team at Gravity Systems.

Sometimes you need more failsafes for protecting your business's valuable data. Sometimes you need speedier access to data stored on your company hard drives. Sometimes what you really want is a combination of both. You'll be happy to learn that a technology known as RAID can help you in any of these circumstances. If your awareness of the term RAID is limited to the world of insecticides, you'll want to check out this introduction to RAID arrays from your friends here at Gravity Systems.

Remember SCSI drives, FireWire ports, and all those odd-looking connectors that each had a different number of pins in them? Time marches on – and so do the interfaces we use in our IT components and networks. Here are some thoughts from our Austin IT business support  experts on the issue of adapting versus upgrading.

Once again we find ourselves facing another Black Friday. Whether your business is based in Austin or any other city, you'll see a flood of retail activity all around you, from lines of shoppers waiting outside your brick-and-mortar store to a flurry of incoming orders on your website. And just as many consumers and cashiers find Black Friday a dizzying, overwhelming experience, IT systems can experience serious challenges of their own. Let's look at the potential problems you may need to address – and how our Austin IT support team can help you address them.

Here's a nightmare scenario: Your IT system is humming along as usual when a sudden short-circuit, line failure, or lightning strike completely disables your hardware – possibly even frying it in the process. If you're like most businesses, you can't afford the massive downtime and massive replacement/repair bills such a situation would entail. Let's look at some steps you can take to prevent them, courtesy of our Austin tech support  specialists at Gravity Systems.

Hard drives, SSD drives, and USB flash/thumb drives provide essential storage for your all-important data – so it only makes sense to take good care of them. Here are some smart usage and maintenance tips from your Austin IT business support team at Gravity Systems.