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Your IT network may run so smoothly most of the time that an occasional lapse takes you completely by surprise. But when that network failure does occur, here are a few possible problems to check for, courtesy of our Austin tech support crew at Gravity Systems.

Windows 11 is here. Microsoft has officially introduced the latest version of its OS. The software giant emphasizes that this version offers real functional improvements, not just a facelift. But what does that mean in terms of your business’s upgrade needs and schedule, especially considering the fact that Windows 10 will remain supported until at least 2025? Let’s take a look at some factors that may influence when you decide to upgrade your systems.

As Central Texas faces yet another summer of blistering heat, the increased energy demands on your facility are likely to cost plenty even without factoring in your IT system’s electrical consumption. If you want to improve your control over this operational expense, maybe you should start by looking at ways to optimize your technology’s energy efficiency. Here are some helpful tips from your Austin IT managed services team at Gravity Systems.

IT system security is an ongoing process of anticipating future problems, counteracting the latest techniques employed by the bad guys, and maintaining a high standard of preventative hygiene. Our Austin business IT support specialists at Gravity Systems would like to suggest a few smart steps that can help you keep your IT system secure.

Mobile connectivity technology continues to advance. Recently the spotlight has fallen on 5G, the new generation in cellular wireless tech. What do you need to know about 5G, and what kind of positive impact could it make on your business? As usual, our Austin IT support team at Gravity Systems has the answers

Many organizations scrambling to come up with virtual meeting and project management solutions have fallen in love with Microsoft Teams. This comprehensive platform has brought features to the table that make it super-easy for most businesses to work with, including (of course) its seamless integration with Microsoft 365’s productivity apps. If you’ve been on the fence about whether to go with Microsoft Teams over another popular platform such as Zoom, you’ll want to know about a couple of new features that just might tip the balance for you.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way the world works. Where only a small fraction of company employees were working remotely before the pandemic enforced social isolation, today a much larger percentage now works regularly from home or through mobile computing devices. This major shift poses some big potential problems for IT system security. Let’s look at how the playing field has changed and what you might need to do to stay safely in the game.

As processors have evolved, business owners and managers have had to wrap their heads around the concept of core count in addition to the traditional benchmark of clock speed. What’s the difference between these two issues, how do they affect your IT system’s performance, and how might they influence your computer buying decisions going forward? Here’s a basic primer from your Austin IT business support team at Gravity Systems.

There’s supposedly an ancient Chinese curse that reads, “May you live in interesting times.” Few times could be considered more interesting, for better or for worse, than the past year. As a perfect storm of setbacks has created all sorts of problems for businesses, one problem in particular continues to plague IT departments: A shortage of PC and laptop hardware. 

These days you’re as likely to find people working through a browser window as through more traditional desktop software programs. But what are the pros and cons of one approach over the other, and which is more likely to serve your business’s purposes? Let’s compare them side by side.