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The modern digital workplace offers more opportunities for skilled workers than ever before, thanks to the current generation of assistive technologies. If you want to give differently-abled workers an environment in which they can be as productive as possible, Gravity Systems wants to open your eyes to some of the available enhancements to your  IT system.                                          

  • Data manipulation technologies - The humble computer mouse is a great invention, but it’s hardly the only means of pointing, scrolling, dragging and dropping. Touchpads can prove easier or more comfortable for some people to use. One-handed employees can make use of special one-handed keyboards. If hands aren’t an option at all, you can equip your workers with head-controlled, mouth-controlled, or body-motion-controlled pointing devices. There are even touchscreen-based programs that can respond to eye movements.
  • Dictation programs - Today’s computer user doesn’t need to point or type at all -- not when voice-operated technologies can do that work. Many operating systems and productivity suites already make basic voice dictation easy and effective. You can also invest in more advanced programs such as Dragon Naturally Speaking.

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  • Options for the visually impaired - Your workplace can accommodate visually-impaired workers through specialized programs that offer alternative methods for assimilating text. JAWS for Windows, for example, offers both text-to-speech and Braille output. These options can be integrated with screen magnifier software for workers with low vision.

 Assistive technologies may involve an extra investment, but they not only help you boost workplace productivity -- they can also make your workplace a far more attractive prospect to experienced, highly-skilled job candidates who need these kinds of solutions.

 How do you get started with assistive technologies? Talk to Gravity Systems. Our Austin IT business services team can discuss your specific needs and point you toward the latest technologies and training resources. Expand your capabilities -- contact us today!

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