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Does your business live or die by its ability to make steady, snappy use of the Internet? If so, then you find this lifeline to profitability threatened by sluggish performance or other limitations in your IT system. Here are four tactics that can help you make better use of the Information Superhighway, courtesy of your Austin IT support experts at Gravity Systems.

Invest in a faster plan.

  1. Invest in a faster plan. This one might seem obvious, but many businesses keep chugging along with their longtime Internet provider and plan without thinking about it. Run some online speed tests to check your upload and download times. Review any data caps that your provider might be imposing on your system. Maybe it’s high time you made a change.

  2. Find some faster pipes. Your online performance may be throttled, but just by your plan, but also by your pipes. If your area can take advantage of a fiber optic feed, you may want to upgrade from your coax connection (at least up the last mile, when coax will take over again). If you’re using satellite when you could be using cable, switch to cable.
  3. Get redundant. What happens if your one-and-only Internet line gets cut or damaged? If you’d rather not imagine the extensive downtime that might result, you need to equip your facility with redundant online connectivity. That way, the secondary line can take over whenever the primary one fails. If your Internet slows down due to heavy visitor usage, consider setting up a separate connection just for those visitors.

  4. Optimize your hardware and connection preferences. Old modems, sluggish routers, and obsolete servers or workstations simply can’t keep up with the ever-increasing speed and bandwidth demands of the modern Internet. Update these components as needed. At the same time, examine how many devices and users are connected to your system -- and trim away the ones that don’t need to be there.

If you’re ready to provide your business with speedier online performance, Gravity systems is ready to help make it possible. Contact us for advice on any changes you need to make!