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Ross Langham

Ross Langham has extensive experience working with businesses in IT consultation and management. He graduated from University of Texas San Antonio with a B.B.A. in Business Management before attending Texas State University for a degree in Computer Science. As the leader of the Gravity Systems technical team, Ross’ tasks include managing the technical team and projects, as well as maintaining the high level of service delivery that makes Gravity Systems stand out in its field. Besides being deeply knowledgeable about all aspects of business IT, Ross is a genuine people-person, a trait which shines through in his approach to customer service. He works directly with clients to ensure that every one of their technical service requests are addressed fully. He says that this is the reason he decided to work in IT; he is fascinated by the wide range of personalities, backgrounds, and industries with which he interacts on a daily basis through his role at Gravity Systems. Ross enjoys solving problems and helping people work more efficiently. His goal is to help companies realize greater productivity through improved technology, as he says that “through technology, businesses can be more productive, run more efficiently, and grow more effectively.”

A true Texan, Ross comes from Corpus Christi, and has lived in Austin with his wife, Amanda, for over ten years. They are currently raising a set of young twins. Ross is a family man, sportsman and craftsman, and enjoys spending time with his wife and children, as well as running, fishing and woodworking in his time outside of work.

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