The more technology advances, the more clever hackers get about invading your IT systems.  You may not have Phoenix area hackers after you, but if your systems are connected to the internet, you can be the target of random attacks. You need a cutting-edge, enterprise-quality firewall to keep the forces of evil out of your network. 

The Flawed Way: Packet Filtering Firewalls
Too many businesses still rely on packet filtering firewalls to protect their data. These systems are attractive because they allow quick and easy internet connection. The problem is that they don’t really keep you safe from intruders. These firewalls typically come with broadband routers that include NAT or DHCP protocols. Unfortunately, packet filtering firewalls only read the packet header on a piece of incoming data, then allows the rest of the message to proceed based on that information. The remainder of the packet could contain a payload designed to inflict Denial of Service, IP spoofing or other attacks on your system. 

The Better Way: Stateful Packet Inspection Firewalls
Unlike error-prone packet filtering firewalls, stateful packet inspections don’s stop at the packet header. They read the incoming packet until they have enough information to recognize the state of the message before deciding whether or not to let it through. This extra attention to detail allows it to spot irregularities in the packet typical of hackers work. 

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