In-House IT Services

Our in-house IT services division specializes in helping the IT staff of small and medium sized companies serve their end-users.  We do this in a variety of ways, customized to the needs of the IT staff and company leadership.


Our in-house tech services include:

  • Internet shopping – If you have not shopped your Internet in a few years, we can often help you get better speeds and service for the same price points.  We also specialize in MPLS sales, so we can help you design and implement a solution with a provider that is right for you.
  • End-point maintenance and management - We provide, patching, maintenance, and monitoring of servers and workstations. We provide the tools for in-house IT to manage maintenance, and we also can manage the maintenance activities and let in-house staff focus on more pressing matters.  We can support your Phoenix staff and all remote branches via the Internet. 
  • Ticketing system and “help desk help” - Want to have a great ticketing system that you can use to assign some tickets to us?  We can do that.  You have a great internal system for your use that is linked to ours.  If you want us to take care of something, just assign the ticket to us with a few clicks.  Are you going to be out for a week?  We can monitor your tickets and help your end-users directly. 
  • Hardware, software and networking sales and support – Ready for better pricing and a higher level of service when purchasing hardware, software and networking products?  Let us be your one-stop-shop for IT purchases and work with someone who knows you and is invested in your success.