Our webinar highlights many of the features and benefits small businesses will get in GravityWork.


GravityWork hosts a cloud based project space so your business can work efficiently as a team, even when they aren’t in the same place. This comprehensive web-based workspace allows project team members to work together via the internet, creating a cloud “think tank” the whole team can use to collaborate on challenges and projects with deadlines. Best of all, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a local server solution. We drive the whole system from our GravityWork server for an affordable monthly fee. 

Better Collaboration
Collaboration. Innovation. GravityWork provides a homepage-like shared workspace where employees can upload, download or modify files throughout the course of a project. Find how easy it is to share even the largest documents, images, files, spreadsheets and more without spending hours uploading and downloading. Your team members can rewrite documents, leave comments or questions and interact via email or GravityWork real time messaging. GravityWork is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome browsers. If you have internet access, you’re ready to collaborate and innovate!  

Better Management
Managers love GravityWork. Use it’s many helpful tools to make you and those around you much more productive. You can assign different permission levels to different team members and view all the latest messages and notes as streaming news feed.  Track your employee’s progress with the aid of work history news feed. Track the project's progress with the aid of time-stamped work history data. Rest assured, GravityWork’s system is automatically backed up at each stage of project development. 

Don’t spend company funds on a local project management server; let GravityWork do the work for you! Contact Gravity Systems Phoenix today to get started.