There’s an App for that! GravityApps has a better solution to a costly server set up. If your business relies on a specific type of industry-standard software, Gravity Systems Phoenix has an App solution for you.

The Hosted Server for Special Applications
Say “so long” to the days of hardwired server setups. GravityApps hosts your own application on our Gravity Systems Phoenix server, distributing it to your employees over the internet. Any of your employees with internet access can work with an application over the web, whether they are at work or on a remote job site. The cloud-based nature of GravityApp even allows you to operate a Windows-only application on a Mac or vice versa.  

Consistent Access and Performance
You’re getting more than just a hosted service; you’re getting the whole kit-n-caboodle. We’re a world class IT service company that will provide your company with expertise, performance and the best service and support. We’ll help you configure and host your App using fast processing and connectivity, giving you 24-hour, hassle-free access to your software.  

Ready to share your program with your entire workforce? We have an App for that! Ask Gravity Systems for more details.