GravityOffice Suite
From Gravity Systems Phoenix

Work smarter with hosted solutions from GravityOffice! 

GravityMail Basic
Look like the professional you are with a custom email address from GravityOffice. We’ll set up a hosted solution with your company’s actual name, not Hotmail, Yahoo or other “big box” provider. 

GravityMail Advanced
Get instant updates on the road! Share email & calendars across multiple platforms, operating systems and devices. GravityMail Advanced syncs your files, emails, backups, anti-malware and provides easy archiving. 

Collaborate in a virtual environment without the added expense of a server. GravityWork is a cloud-based project space that enables your employees to share data, modify work in progress and interact via notes and comments. 

Turn a dedicated internet line into a comprehensive and easy-to-use phone system with GravityPhone, our hosted phone routing and administrative service. Gravity Systems Phoenix will give you a complete phone system with customizable voice menus and announcements. Access your systems from anywhere via computer. 

Save money by using our Gravity Systems Phoenix server to give your employees access to your proprietary or industry-specific software program. Our servers will keep the program up and running day and night, accessible over the web to your employees whether they’re in the office, on the manufacturing or retail floor or in the field with laptops. 

Make QuickBooks freely available to multiple users inside or outside the workplace with GravityQuickBooks. This affordable hosted solution lets multiple users access QuickBooks at the same time with none of the limitations of QuickBooks Online.  

Save time and money with help from Gravity Systems!