Gravity Services

Your company may not be quite big enough for a full-time IT department, but it still needs someone to look after your hardware, software and network. Get local help from Gravity Systems Phoenix. We can provide you with the customized IT service your business requires, provide phone support you understand and we will even make office calls when your system is down and out.

Network Services
Gravity Systems provides a wide range of networking services for small and mid-size businesses. Reduce downtime, stress, and confusion by letting us handle your networking needs. 

Technical Support
We’re experts at installing, maintaining and troubleshooting any kind of IT setup. As a small business, we understand the needs of our small business partners and are ready to help you meet your business goals by making the most of your technology. 

Server Solutions
Gravity Systems Phoenix offers server solutions customized to your business needs to help keep you and your employees connected with shared files, shared programs and more. 

Data Backup & Security
Keep your data safe and secure with Gravity Backup. Our specialized software prevents the loss of critical business data with automated, secure online backup.  

Anti-Spam Service
Quit wasting time with useless e-mails. Keep your inbox free of clutter with Gravity Anti-Spam. 

GravityOffice Suite
Avoid the expense, hassle and limitations of your own server with Gravity System’s hosted solutions. GravityOffice Suite provides your company with shared email, calendars, programs, files and much more! 

Work from Home Solutions
No more rush hour traffic, work from home! Gravity Systems has remote desktop solutions for your workers. 

IT Installation & Set-up
Gravity Systems can take you from empty facility to a fully networked workplace in a snap. Our experience and knowledge will help you get the right components, configured the right way and at the best discounts. 

Get the IT expertise you need at a price you can afford. Gravity Systems Phoenix, outsource your IT locally!