Symantec Endpoint Protection - Keep your business machines virus free!

You’re in good hands with Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1. Our security software provides the greatest and the latest technology of anti-malware scanning, firewall protection, intrusion prevention and device control for both hardwired and virtual networks. Symantec Endpoint will find even the littlest bugs with the meticulous technology. Best of all, your new bug fighter uses very little bandwidth and power while still delivering you first class security and speed, a winning position for your computers, and your business. 

Unrivaled Security
The first step is admitting you have a problem….with malware, of course. With SONAR 3, the powerful real-time security system will examine all your programs as they run. Think of it as a big brother watching out for your computer systems, stopping any potential threat. A new addition named “quarantines” puts safe files in a different location as those not-so-safe ones, by correlating billions of links between files, websites and users all in Symantec’s Global Network Intelligence. All known threats are turned away from the firewall engine, protecting your system from attacks by fly-by-night downloads. Whether it is a virus, Trojan, bug or worm your new system has encountered, Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 makes it easy to manage, control and conquer all.  Is it time you got a handle on your malware? 

Blazing Performance
Running a security scan shouldn’t turn your network speed to dust, killing your company’s productivity for hours at a time. Symanec Endpoint Protection understands that you have a business to run, so this intelligent program will run its scans during your computer downtime, at dramatically fast speeds. Say goodbye to the waiting game and reduce your scan time up to 70% with Symantec Endpoint Protection! 

Superior Versatility
Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 works like a charm on a variety of network platforms. It cleans and protects Windows, Apple and Linux systems, but will also protect virtual programs. This protection program scans your business network online and offline with images, while scanning and updating machines, all without significantly reducing your bandwidth. You can set up our Protection Manager to identify and manage virtual clients as needed.  

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