Hosted Kerio Connect - Gravity Systems Phoenix

What if there was a one-stop- shop for all your everyday needs? Well, we can’t serve you coffee and iron your shirt, but we can connect your entire workforce with data for everyday tasks. Hosted Kerio Connect enables you to synch your email and calendar data wirelessly across multiple platforms, software applications and operating systems. You don’t need to worry about data loss; Kerio has automated back up and email archiving. Best of all, you don’t need to buy an expensive server to host your system. We will host it for you over our powerful and secure Gravity Systems Phoenix Server!

Cross-platform Collaboration
Is it time that your system stops discriminating? With Hosted Kerio Connect's integrated groupware solutions, you can manage your everyday data no matter what email system you desire-- Microsoft Outlook, Entourage for the Mac, even native sync with iCal via CalDAV, running on Mac, Windows or Linux. Hosted Kerio Connect puts you in touch with your groupware through your Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer web browser, connecting you to your email from any location on any device. 

Wireless Mobile Synchronization
Hosted Kerio Connect keeps your staff connected inside & outside the office, thanks to the ability to send updates to Smartphone’s automatically and efficiently. With Hosted Kerio Connect, you can push your email and calendar events your devices through Exchange ActiveSync. Lost smartphone? No fear, Kerio Smart Wipe lets you wipe the data right off your device instantly, wherever, whenever. 

Robust Email Security
Do you need a spam assassin? With Hosted Kerio Connect, 14 layers of anti-spam filtering keep out 98% of unwanted email messages. In fact, our anti-spam is so strong; it will leave you with more disk space for the data you actually do want. We keep away the bad guys with Our GravityAntiSpam services, SMPT restrictions, blacklists, whitelists, anti-phishing, anti-spoofing and powerful virus protection from Sophos anti-virus engine. Time for a powerful anti-spam host? Try Hosted Kerio Connect! 

Email Archiving
Losing an email is really frustrating. Hosted Kerio Connect take the pain out of archiving your corporate email. With Hosted Kerio Connect, you can set specific guidelines for each users email and the program will automatically file your incoming and outgoing messages to their proper place. Save space, save time and most importantly, save the frustration of misplacing your mail with Hosted Kerio Connect. 

Easy to Administer
Size doesn’t matter! Even the smallest businesses with limited IT resources and knowledge can use Host Kerio Conenct. The Gravity Phoenix server does all the grunt work for you; you’ll be shocked at how quickly and easily the software installer will have your new system up and running. The Web Administration feature allows you to use Hosted Kerio Connect on your favorite web browser, and the program's self-contained services work easily with such standard service protocols as LDAP, HTTP, SMTP, IMAP and POP. 

Easy to Deploy
Hosted Kerio Connect is as easy to arrange, as it is to manage. Deploy it from a Windows, Mac or Linux system, over a server or desktop. Use Distributed Domain to run a single email domain over multiple servers at various sites. 

Put all these extraordinary features to work for your company without having to boatloads of dough on a local server to run it all -- Hosted Kerio Connect is the affordable, hassle-free solution. Contact Gravity Systems Phoenix today and let's get you connected!