Phoenix Kerio Connect Sales and Support

phoenix kerio email server salesIf you’re a small to midsize business looking for a one-stop solution for your messaging, collaboration, synchronization and security needs, it’s time you took a look at Kerio Connect.  Kerio Connect combines collaboration, calendar and email functions with business essentials including anti-spam and anti-virus protection, automated backup with built-in archiving features, all accessed through an easy-to-use interface. 

  • Cross-platform Collaboration - Kerio Connect works with iCal, Entourage, Outlook, webmail and a variety of smartphones to make it easier than ever to schedule your meetings, look up contact info and manage your email.
  • Wireless Mobile Synchronization - Kerio Connect works just as well via Wi-Fi as it does through a hardwired network. If your employee loses a smartphone or other handheld device, don’t worry – simply use Kerio Connect to wipe any non-public information right off the supported device - remotely!
  • Robust Email Security - With more than 14 anti-spam techniques and dual anti-virus protection, Kerio Connect protects your inbox against harmful or annoying data.
  • Email Archiving - Save and store important emails with Kerio Connect. Our email archiving feature allows you to maintain industry compliance and reduces your liabilities.
  • Automated Backup - Stop worrying about data loss. Kerio Connect will backup your files automatically and will restore missing data in a flash, without your server experiencing a moment of downtime.

Contact our Kerio Certified technicians to find out how Gravity Systems can put this powerful platform in your hands.