Network Services

Gravity Systems provides a wide range of networking and computer related services for small to medium-sized companies. Reduce downtime, stress, and confusion by letting us handle 100% of your IT needs.

Our services include:


Is your network pulling your employees or office branches together via a well-organized, efficiently-implemented design, or is it pulling them apart through sloppy planning and rough performance? Rely on the force of Gravity to draw all those loose ends together correctly. We can create a local area network that gives all of your key players the ready access to shared data they need to keep your business rolling. Let Gravity Systems put the "work" back in your network.


The more technology advances, the more clever hackers get about invading your IT systems. You may not have Houston area hackers after you, but if your systems are connected to the Internet, you will be the target of random attacks.  You need a cutting-edge, enterprise-quality firewall to keep the forces of evil out of your network. Yesterday’s “tinkertoy” setups will no longer do the trick. That’s why Gravity Systems offers advanced anti-malware protection to keep your critical data protected 24/7. We’ll evaluate your current needs, recommend a firewall configuration, install the firewall and keep an eye on it to make sure it’s guarding against intrusion.

Remote Access

If you're thinking about getting a remote access system so your team can work with the files on their office computers from their home PC, smartphone or handy convenient device, be aware that if you put such a system up incorrectly you could leave your sensitive data wide open to unwelcome prying eyes. Let Gravity Systems set up a remote access system that's not only easy to use but extremely tough for outsiders to crack, including either basic access or terminal server access.

Tech Support

Got technical problems? Bring them to Gravity Systems. We've seen just about every crazy bug or glitch ever encountered within the IT industry, so we can diagnose and fix your issue while recommending ways to prevent future occurrences. Hardware or software incompatibilities, data transfer problems, random weirdness -- you name it, we'll roll up our sleeves and deal with it.

DELL Hardware Solutions

We're a proud reseller of DELL PCs, laptops, workstations, peripherals, servers and other top-of-the-line products, and we sell a wide range of IT hardware from other leading manufacturers as well. We can help you select the perfect hardware your your systems' specific needs and then put that hardware to work for you. Our customers love the fact that the same company that installs and configures their systems is also hand-picking the right parts for the job. Stop staring at that catalog in confusion -- let Gravity do the shopping!


If you have a VPN, or virtual private network, every one of your branch offices, wherever they may be, can come together as a truly global enterprise. Now your Los Angeles or Toronto teams can gain instant access to the shared server data at your Houston headquarters and vice versa. They can just as easily share data with each other too. If you'd like to turn the entire world into your office building, Gravity Systems can help you go virtual by building and configuring a VPN with a central server that brings all your employees together even when they're apart.

Internet Access

Any business that hopes to succeed these days has to have fast, rock-solid Internet service. Your current provider can't deliver 100 percent uptime or restore an outage instantly -- but what if you had a "safety net" of more than one provider ready to take over if a problem occurs? Gravity Systems can actually set this up for you. Our redundancy systems kick in automatically to "fail over" if your top-level Internet service quits, with multiple servers providing a perfect failsafe. When your Internet keeps working, so can you. So say hello to Gravity and goodbye to downtime!


Should you shell out a salary to a CIO when a top-of-class independent provider can help you plan, develop and implement your IT strategies for less money? We don't think so either! Gravity Systems has the real-world experience and depth of knowledge you need for your company's long-term IT planning. We can weight your multi-year plans and projections against the ongoing evolution of corporate technology and your Show Moreing needs in future years. You'll always have a well-considered plan for your hardware purchases, software updates and infrastructure growth. Let us be your virtual Chief Information Officer!


Does your industry run on specialized software -- and if it does, how can you select the applications you need and have them still play nice with your other utilities and programs? Come to Gravity Systems for the software you need at a price you can afford. We'll point you toward the ideal solution for your specific needs, whether it's individual application or a bundled software suite. But helping you make the right choice is just the beginning -- we'll also install and configure that software to make absolutely sure it runs like a dream alongside your other systems. Stop having such a hard time -- buy your software from Gravity Systems!

Outsourced IT

There comes a time in every successful company's life when it gets too big for its owner to handle all of its IT needs, but not big enough to graduate to an on-site IT department. Businesses of 20 to 30 employees in particular often need that little extra professional touch to keep things rolling along smoothly. That's why Gravity Systems offers outsourced IT solutions -- the perfect middle ground between too little and too much. Choose from a weekly or monthly schedule of outsourced IT hours that matches your needs perfectly. Our efficiency at dealing with all kinds of IT issues will ensure that you get the maximum bang for the buck. Outsource those technology headaches today!

We sell, install and support many popular systems!

We support and install all popular operating systems and network operating systems. As specialists in both Windows Server (4.0/2000/2003/2008) and Novell Netware / Open Enterprise Server (4.x / 5.x / 6.x), we can make your network faster and more reliable. We often assist customers in picking out network and desktop software and hardware, and we're also a VAR (Value Added Reseller) for many popular business computer technology products.

Supported software includes:

  • Windows (3.1, 95, 98/ME, 2000/XP/Vista/Windows7)
  • DOS
  • Novell (3.X/4.X, 5.X, 6.X)
  • MS Office (6.0,95,97,2000,XP,2007, 2010)
  • Corel Suite (6,7,8,9,2002)
  • All Desktop Software! We can work with you to support your software

Initial Consultation

We want you to feel comfortable with the solutions we give you. That's why we offer a "no-strings-attached" consultation to assess your needs and answer your questions. This service is free to our neighbors in the greater Austin area, but we can also travel to most out-of-town locations for a modest fee.

Contact us today to set up your consultation!


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