In case you missed our GravityWork webinar, you can catch it again here.  Check out its features that will improve your company's performance and enhance your employee's ability to collaborate.

Gravity Work

Develop your next big project over the Web with Gravity Work, the virtual project workspace hosted by Gravity Systems Houston. Forget about buying an expensive dedicated server just to provide project management for the handful of employees who might need it. We run Gravity Work from our own server to bring you a powerful, feature-rich, online "think tank" environment for all kinds of projects. Share data, ideas and notes as effortlessly as if you were all in the same conference room together.

A Team Effort

Teamwork is critical to the success of any project, and Gravity Work allows your team members to collaborate more successfully than ever before. You can create a new space for each project, and your team members can then upload or download a variety of files into that space for group use. Video, audio, text, photos -- files of various types and sizes pose no problem for our robust Gravity Systems Houston server. The team can rewrite documents, communicate through messages or notes, compare thoughts, and do all the things a project team needs to do via an Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox browser.

Management Mastery

Gravity Works works well for project managers as well as for team members. You assume total control over which team members can access which aspects of the project by assigning the appropriate permissions. Streaming news feeds containing all the latest messages and comments keep your appraised of your team's latest thoughts and questions. Time-stamped work histories give you a close-up view of how well the project is progressing. Gravity Work gives you all the tools you need to make sure your project achieves its goals on schedule.

Big projects don't require big server outlays when you have Gravity Work working for you. Contact Gravity Systems Houston about this exciting new option for your collaborative work needs!