Gravity Phone

Your business desperately needs an automated phone routing and administration system, but the server box will cost $15,000 or more and the hassle of calling out service techs for every new extension or system tweak will torpedo your productivity. If that's what you'v been thinking, think again -- because Gravity Systems Houston's hosted phone service, Gravity Phone, can now give you the automated system of your dreams, affordably and painlessly.

"Cloud" Call Routing for Your Phones

All you need to take advantage of Gravity Phones' wide range of call routing and administration features is a dedicated Internet line. Gravity Phone walks you through the creation of a variety of automated voice menus and announcements, as simple or as complex as you like, to route incoming calls accurately and efficiently. You can pre-program special routing directions and announcements for holiday or after-hours calls. You can consolidate your voicemails and emails into a single inbox. You can even listen to messages, view call histories, or modify forwarding settings from any computer with Internet access -- no phone necessary!

The Phone System that Sets Itself Up

The days of waiting for a service tech to set up each new phone extension in person are over. Gravity Phone actually knows how to expand itself -- it "sees" each new phone you plug into the system, auto-configures it and assigns the appropriate extension without your lifting a finger. Add as many extensions as you want. If you outgrow your facility, Gravity Systems Houston can transfer your entire system to the Internet line at your new site, just like that!

Future-proof your company with an infinitely expandable automated phone system without sinking thousands into a local server box. Make a connection with Gravity Phone by contacting us today.