Gravity App

If you use cost-estimation software for your construction, assembly-line applications for your manufacturing floor, automated checkout systems for your store or some other industry-specific application, you probably need to make that application available to multiple employees on a constant basis. In the old days that meant shelling out $20k or more for a dedicated local server just to handle all that traffic. But Gravity Systems Houston now welcomes you to the affordable future of specialized application sharing -- our hosted server solution, Gravity App!

Web Hosting for Your Specialized Application

Gravity App hosts your industry-specific or proprietary application over the Internet via our own Gravity Systems Houston server, giving all of your employees instant, ongoing access from any Web-ready location or computer. A hardwired server can make the program available only to a set number of workers at a specific site, but Gravity App works over any desktop or laptop, giving you complete freedom over how many workers can use the application and their locations. It's even cross-platform, so now you can operate a "Windows-only" application from your Mac (and vice-versa).

Consistent Service

You not only save your company thousands in server costs by investing in Gravity App -- you also save yourself the ongoing pain and agony of setting up, configuring, maintaining and fretting over that server. Gravity App provides consistent 24-hour performance through Gravity Systems Houston's robust server technology and redundant Internet connections, plus the experience and expertise of the Gravity Systems Houston team standing to provide any help you may need. That's a huge relief when you're relying on a single application to keep production rolling.

Keep your workforce working with easy access to your business's specialized application with  Gravity App, the affordable, crisis-free hosted solution. Contact Gravity Systems Houston today!