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Affordable Cloud Computing for Your Business

Unshackle your business from the constraints of limited, hard-to-scale hardwired communications without blowing the budget on a local server -- let Gravity Systems Houston do the hosting with our Gravity Office "cloud computing" solutions. Our fast, reliable, secure server does the hosting for you for a fraction of what you'd spend on your local server box. Now you can enjoy trouble-free email and calendar synching, project-based file sharing in a collaborative virtual workspace, automated phone routing and administration, and ready access to QuickBooks or that mission-critical specialized application for all employees. Welcome to our cloud!

Gravity Mail Basic - If your business is using generic email addresses instead of representing you properly as, you're going to have a credibility problem. Gravity Mail Basic nips that problem in the bud by setting up and hosting your email the professional way.

Gravity Mail Advanced - Take your entire company's email, calendar, and other task management software to the Web where all your people can get at it, with no need to buy your own local server. Gravity Mail Advanced can synchronize emails, notes and events across Outlook, Entourage, iCal and other popular applications, push the updated info to your smartphones in the field, and protect that data with scheduled backups.

Gravity Work - If you need a powerful online "think tank" that doesn't require the purchase of a $20,000 server, Gravity Work is ready to work for you. This hosted solution gives you a virtual workspace where you and your team members can upload, download or work with all kinds of files and documentation, including shared comments and questions. Work together brilliantly from any Web-enabled location.

Gravity Phone - Buying a local phone server and then having techs come in and make it work is a huge waste of time and money when you could be using Gravity Phone. This hosted phone system runs from our server over a dedicated Internet connection so you can access it from anywhere, including your computer. It comes with easy voice menu and announcement setup, auto-provisioning, and all the features you'll ever need for your company phones.

Gravity Apps - If you have one particular industry-specific application that multiple employees need to use on a daily basis, don't pay thousands for a local server -- let Gravity App host that application for you on our secure, robust server and redundant Internet connection. View and work with that specialized application over the Web anytime, from anywhere, on any PC or Mac with Internet connectivity.

Gravity QuickBooks - Give your accountants or staff members instant access to your company's QuickBooks whenever they need it. Gravity QuickBooks runs the familiar full-scale QuickBooks application you're familiar with, hosted over the Internet for fast, hassle-free performance even for multiple users. It's a huge boost in efficiency for an affordable monthly fee.

Put your company on Cloud 9 with Gravity Office's cloud computing options. Contact Gravity Systems Houston today and we'll hook you up!