Hosted Kerio Workspace - Gravity Systems Houston

Imagine a collaborative work environment where your key thinkers can work together, exchanging files, ideas, questions and revisions without ever being in the same conference room -- or the same country, for that matter. Kerio Workspace, hosted by your connectivity experts at Gravity Systems Houston, makes that dream a reality. This web-based "cloud computing" virtual project environment allows your team members and managers to work together from any Internet-enabled computer, anywhere. Share files, draft or rewrite documents, hold virtual conferences, leave notes, track progress and project milestones and more. It's just like working together in real life, only better. And by using Gravity Systems Houston's server, you won't have to spend thousands of dollars buying and maintaining your own. Everybody wins, especially your business.

Online File Storage

Since Hosted Kerio Workspace runs up in the "cloud," you can access the program from your Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser to create or enter your project's virtual work environment. Inside this environment you can create a Space for the project, with individual Pages inside the Space. You can then drag and drop all manner of files into your project for easy viewing and manipulation by team members.

Online Collaboration

Working together online has never been easier, thanks to Hosted Kerio Workspace. Your team members can upload or download pretty much any kind of file, from a simple text or image file to full-motion video clips or embedded content on other websites. They can also revise or add notes to documents, shoot each other questions or comments, and generally interact with all the ease of a real-life conversation. If you've ever used any kind of social media application before, you'll get in the groove right away.

Content Security

Hosted Kerio Workspace gives you full control over who gets to use your project and how to keep it safe and secure at all times. Assign specific access permissions to individual users or user groups, applied either to individual Pages or to an entire Space. Hosted Kerio Workspace is also smart enough to allow one-at-a-time access control, preventing two or more team members from accidentally duplicating the data in a project through simultaneous revisions. Our Gravity Systems Houston server can also perform regularly scheduled backups to keep your work-in-progress safe from accidental data loss.

Project Management

Project management reaches new heights of efficiency when you have Hosted Kerio Workspace running your virtual think tank. You'll enjoy a host of management tools designed to make your life easier, such as the ability to designate different Pages or Spaces as Favorites, organizing your team members' comments by Page or by Space. Have all the latest team interactions streamed to you automatically as a new feed for at-a-glance reference. Track your project every step of the way by viewing its Space, Page or file history by name and time-stamp. You'll wonder how you ever ran a project without Hosted Kerio Workspace.

Turn the whole world into your private conference room -- without dropping a world of money on a dedicated server. Contact Gravity Systems Houston and let us power your next major project with Hosted Kerio Workspace!