Gravity Mail Basic

Nothing screams a lack of professionalism like a corporate email address that ends in "" or "" Your email boxes should fall under your company's domain name, lest people regard you as a fly-by-night or shoestring organization. Gravity USA can help you make your email addresses reflect your true business legitimacy. How? With the Gravity Mail Basic email service hosted by Gravity Systems.

We Make Your Business POP

The easiest way to put a professional spin on your business email is through a POP (Post Office Protocol) email account. Gravity sets up your corporate POP account using your company's own name in the address, and we run it through our own server. But where other providers just set up the account for you, Gravity Systems sticks around to provide you with ongoing service and technical support whenever you need it. We can troubleshoot, diagnose and fix any issues that come up, or walk you through any client-side changes or configurations you want to make. And keeping your email on a separate server from your other critical data helps keep your local information safer and more secure.

Ready for the Big Time?

Our hosted email service doesn't stop with Gravity Mail Basic. You can always upgrade at any time to our Gravity Mail Advanced service, which adds all kinds of synchronized email, calendar and groupware features, all accessible via the Web so you can stay up to date through any Internet connection or device. When you're ready to grow, we're ready to help!