Many companies must use proprietary or industry-specific applications to function properly in today's world -- cost-estimate programs for the construction industry, for instance, or automated checkout software for the retail industry. If you need to make such an application shareable among multiple employees, you've probably been told that you need a $20,000 dedicated server just for that one application. But there's a better way to share -- GravityApp, the hosted application-sharing service from Gravity Systems.

Don't Buy a Server -- Just Use Ours!

With GravityApps, you can run that proprietary application over the Internet, hosted on our super-reliable Gravity Systems server, so that any of your employees can access the program whenever they need it. This approach is actually a huge step up in functionality and accessibility compared to the old-fashioned scenario where you could work with the program in the office but your field reps had no way of accessing it remotely. Now any employee with an Internet-ready laptop can use that specialized software anytime. You can even work with "Windows-only" applications on a Mac or vice-versa. Now, that's functionality!

Your App Is Always Ready for Action

GravityApps not only saves your company thousands of dollars, but it also saves you the hassles and uncertainty of installing, running and maintaining that pricey server box. Our reliable server and "fail-proof" redundant Internet connection ensures that your critical application will always be up accessible whenever you need it -- and if you need it all the time, that's a lifesaver.

Equip your personnel with easy access to specialized applications at a fraction of the cost and none of the hassle of a local server. Gravity Systems has an app for that -- so contact us today!