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Cloud Computing without the Sky-high Costs


Free your company from the limitations of hardwired communications and the outrageous expense of local server hosting with Gravity USA's Gravity Office hosted solutions. Gravity Office includes centralized hosting and support from our always-up, super-fast server here at Gravity Systems, saving you a bundle in hardware costs and maintenance hassles. Enjoy shared email and calendars, Web-based collaborative workspaces, automated phone routing with remote access, hosting of complex proprietary applications, shared server-driven Quickbooks -- or all of the above!


Gravity Mail Basic - Are you sick of having your business at or instead of We can help you with that! Let Gravity Office provide you with a hosted solution that brings your email boxes under your company's Web domain where it belongs – without you having to do a thing.


Gravity Mail AdvancedStep up to some serious email and calendar task sharing with no need to buy or maintain your own server. Gravity Mail Advanced lets you keep all your everyday info live on the web as a shared resource. Synch all the latest meeting and message data from entourage, Outlook, et cetera, and view it on your iPhone, Android device or computer. It's safe, secure and incredibly convenient.


Gravity Work - If you don't feel like paying $20k or more on a server just to support a collaborative workspace for a handful of people, Gravity Work is your affordable, trouble-free solution. Keep a ”cloud home page” for your business where authorized team members can contribute new info, share files and modify projects in progress – even from a smartphone!


Gravity Phone - Why pay thousands of dollars for a local phone server box and then wait on service techs to make each little alteration in person? Now you can run your entire phone routing system through an internet connection, including voice menus and announcements, automated setup of new phone lines and access to your phone system and voicemail from any Web-enabled computer or smartphone.


Gravity AppsDon't buy a dedicated local server just to run that one critical industry-specific application – let Gravity host it from our own servers! Any number of employees can access and work with your application from an office computer (either PC or Mac) or from remote sites and devices. And you can always rely on our redundant systems keep you running and focused on productivity instead of problems.


Gravity QuickBooks - If you need a simple, easy and affordable way to allow employees at multiple workstations or job sites to use your company's Quickbooks data, Gravity QuickBooks is the answer. Our dedicated server can accommodate many users at once  with no hit in performance. And this isn't a limited version like Quickbooks Online -- this is the real, full-featured Quickbooks that accountants prefer, in a real-time multi-user environment.


Trust Gravity Office to lighten your load. Contact us today to learn more about our Virtual IT Environment!