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How Changes in Net Neutrality Could Affect Your IT Needs

Posted by GS Staff on Apr 27, 2017 5:42:43 AM


Now that the FCC is looking to repeal net neutrality regulations, the Internet may no longer be the public commodity we've all come to take for granted. That's because the big Internet service providers may be allowed to charge extra for premium Internet speeds and services.

 If you're a giant corporation with tons of money to throw around, this change may mean little to you; you can simply pony up more for the faster connection. But what if you're one of the countless smaller businesses in America? Your connection might crawl along while your competitors' websites are zipping past yours in the fast lane, forcing you to deliver a less satisfactory online experience. If you're trying to run a large chunk of your IT processes on the cloud, your internal productivity could take a hit in all kinds of ways, from your VOIP and cloud computing setup to document storage.

 While one obvious countermeasure is to let your representative in Congress know exactly how you feel about this issue, there are also some other things our Austin IT managed services experts at Gravity Systems can do to help you out. For example, we can help you select the most cost-effective ISP provider or providers that still meet your daily needs, re-shopping your provider as needed to keep you on the most efficient track possible. We can also supply you with redundant coverage, which wont give you faster pipes but will at least ensure that you don't fall behind due to downtime. Last but not least, we can optimize your network hardware, software and connections to make sure there are no unnecessary bottlenecks in your IT setup.


 This is no time to take a neutral stance on net neutrality. Contact Gravity Systems today so we can help you steer through the uncertain waters ahead!

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