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Texas and Arizona summers are always hot, and your IT system can get even hotter. But that doesn't mean you have to send your electric bill through the roof to protect your equipment. Here are some budget-friendly best practices from our Austin, Houston and Phoenix business IT support experts at Gravity systems.

Cryptocurrency has made the headlines numerous times in recent years, not always in a positive manner. That's partly because a practice called cryptomining lets individuals and organizations “mint” Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, potentially reaping substantial profits from their activities. Why does this matter to your business? Because these miners could be hijacking some of your IT system's computing power – or even your finances – in the process.

A workplace without wires sounds like a wonderful place. No more cables bundled into incomprehensible tangles or jammed into awkward spaces; no more watching your step or worrying about cable/connector failures. But a wireless workplace also presents its own set of challenges. Our Austin IT managed services team wants you to be aware of the following points about wireless networking:

There are some distinct advantages to maintaining your own fleet of laptops in your organization, from software compatibility to security. But “maintaining” doesn't mean simply stashing them away in a cabinet; it means keeping them ready for action. Here are some important laptop maintenance reminders from our Austin IT business support team at Gravity Systems.

If your IT network isn't behaving itself, the cables that haywires its components together may be to blame. Here are some some cable failure points, and their solutions, from your Austin IT business support team at Gravity Systems.

The good old days weren't always good. If you remember the days when you had to call a technician into your facility for any and every little IT problem, you probably love the kind of remote troubleshooting and repair work our Austin managed services team provides. But there are still times when that old-school approach still pays off – times that call for traditional on-site IT support. Let's take a look at some instances that require a “house call.”

When you cast your mind back to childhood, you probably think of summertime as a blissful season free of school, tests, and homework. – or the drudgery of sitting through summer school classes. As unwelcome as those classes were, however, they could make all the difference between graduating with honors and flunking out. Your organization can also benefit by taking advantage of seasonal slowdowns to work on your IT procedures, procedures and equipment. Here are some ideas from our IT managed services team in Austin.

This summer you'll probably have employees who want to do some of their work on the road, either in connection with family vacation or as part of their regular job description. This means that they'll probably be using smartphones to conduct company business – which in turn means that you've got to implement some smart smartphone security practices in advance. Here are some suggestions from your Austin IT business support crew at Gravity Systems.

You may already know enough about VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, to know that your business needs one. A VPN, quite simply, is a secure “tunnel” through the Internet, a means of linking users so that their connection is safe from prying eyes (or prying malware). But there's another consideration you may have not yet thought about: the choice between a hardware VPN and a software VPN. There's really no “better” or “worse,” since it all depends on your company's needs – and our Austin tech support team can set up you up with either. So let's just look at some of the pros and cons.

“If it ain't broke, don't fix it.” While this quaint old expression may apply to a process that doesn't need modifying, it sure doesn't work for the world of business technology. The smartest time to evaluate your IT system and make any incremental adjustments is before it can break, not after. Here are some thoughts on the subject from our Austin business IT support experts at Gravity Systems.