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If you've been in business for any length of time, you know how crucial it is to maintain peak efficiency in your procedures and systems – including your IT system. There's no way to get completely around the burning of electricity in any IT system, but the following suggestions from our Austin IT managed services team can help you improve your technology's energy efficiency.

Up to four-fifths of all IT network problems are related to cabling issues. Those cables connecting your devices may not look special, but they play a critical role in keeping your system running. Let's look at important considerations in ensuring that cabling is up to the job, courtesy of your Austin IT support experts at Gravity Systems.

In a previous post, we mentioned some strategies you can employ to reduce your risk when you and your employees must use public wifi instead of more secure network options. You may breathe a sigh of relief whenever you return to the relative safety of your business's own private wireless network, especially if it's using the familiar, highly-regarded security protocol known as WPA2. Unfortunately, it turns out that this secure protocol isn't as secure as anyone thought. An exploit called KRAK (Key Reinstallation Attacks) is capable of breaching its defenses – but our IT business support team at Gravity Systems can help you protect yourself against it.

It's not all that hard for you or your employees to perform even sensitive business tasks and transactions with a reasonable degree of safety – as long as there's a secure channel for data transfer available. But what do you do when you have no option but to use a public wifi network? Here are some tips from our Austin IT business supportteam for keeping your work as secure as possible under these less-than-ideal circumstances.

Mobile devices are everywhere these days – including the hands of your employees. Let's explore some aspects of these handy devices that you need to make your employees aware of, courtesy of your Austin IT managed services experts at Gravity Systems:

It seems like only yesterday you were watching that shiny new IT equipment going into your organization. But it could already time to say goodbye to those devices? Here are three sings that you may need to upgrade your hardware, courtesy of our Austin IT business support team at Gravity Systems:

Here comes another Halloween, a holiday which evokes various scary symbols and ideas but which is more usually associated with goofy fun, silly costumes, and quests for candy. Even so, there are some genuine threats lurking out there that can make your Halloween a horrifying experience for your business. Let's examine some HalloweenIT horrors that our Austin IT support crew at Gravity Systems can help you avoid:

Passwords have helped keep people and projects secure for as long as anyone can remember, and they've been an essential element of digital data protection since the early days of time-sharing computer systems. But not everyone understands the basics of sound password practices, so let's review some elementary good (and not-so-good) password practices.

When to update your IT hardware can be a tricky question. Do you really need to throw out that trusted old friend already? When is it the right time to make that switch? Here are some thoughts on the matter from your Austin business IT services gurus at Gravity Systems.

If it can happen to Equifax, surely it can happen to anybody. The credit-score giant recently disclosed that up to 143 million people have had their personal information exposed to hackers in a massive database security breach. While maintaining smart update and backup practices can certainly help protect your business's sensitive data from a similar outcome, there's no guarantee that you'll confound 100 percent of all the bad guys all the time. But there is something you can do – and its called data encryption.