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When to update your IT hardware can be a tricky question. Do you really need to throw out that trusted old friend already? When is it the right time to make that switch? Here are some thoughts on the matter from your Austin business IT services gurus at Gravity Systems.

If it can happen to Equifax, surely it can happen to anybody. The credit-score giant recently disclosed that up to 143 million people have had their personal information exposed to hackers in a massive database security breach. While maintaining smart update and backup practices can certainly help protect your business's sensitive data from a similar outcome, there's no guarantee that you'll confound 100 percent of all the bad guys all the time. But there is something you can do – and its called data encryption.

For a true entrepreneur, nothing beats the thrill when you first open your doors for business – even if you have yet to encounter your first customer. It's only natural to start small, of course, and your technological demands may be similarly modest. But thanks to the scaleable IT available from our Austin managed IT services team, you'll always have just the right level of technological capability at your fingertips, no matter how small your enterprise is right now or large it may become.

From the historic storms in Houston and Florida to the deadly earthquake in Mexico, human vulnerability against the power of nature has been only too obvious these days. In addition to the loss of life, power and shelter, this kind of widespread destruction and flooding also makes it impossible for countless workers to get to their places of employment and put in a day's work – even when those facilities are still operational and their data is still intact. Let's take a moment to examine how you can protect your business (and your workforce) against financial ruin through modern work-from-home technologies from our Austin IT support experts.

Some people view technology as the “Las Vegas” of information – what goes into bits and bytes stays in bits and bytes. But there's nothing inherently permanent about digital data or the storage media it's recorded onto. Recordable discs fade, tape can be erased, drive units fail. So if you truly want to retain your precious company data forever, here are some tips and tricks for doing so, courtesy of your IT managed services team at Gravity Systems.

August is “back to school” time for countless parents helping their kids get ready to enter that next grade of education. But in the business world, training and education is a year-round thing. Let's look at a couple of major areas in which you can help your team get schooled on your tech.

You've been wishing you could replace the creaky old Windows Vista or XP operating systems on your company's workstations. But there's that one invaluable or proprietary program your business absolutely needs, and it's not compatible with the latest OS, so you just struggle along. Hey, it's antiquated, but it works, right?

Imagine that you must select one of two options: Call the fire department as soon as you see your facility burning down, or take steps to prevent that fire from breaking out in the first place.

In an ideal world, even the busiest, most hardworking business owner or employee could disappear into a tropical paradise for summer vacation, holding a drink instead of a cellphone and watching a sunset instead of a computer screen.

Austin summers can challenge the strength, stamina and health of just about anyone – or anything, including delicate IT systems that must maintain a high degree of precision performance at all times. If you're worried about whether your organization's servers, workstations, archived data and other IT essentials can weather the triple digits we always seem to get at this time of year, here are some seasonal tips from your Austin IT support team at Gravity Systems.