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Protect Your Organization's Android Devices Against Malware

Posted by GS Staff on Jun 22, 2017 5:50:04 AM

 You may be seeing the name “Judy” popping up in stories related to Android apps – and it's not a welcome sight for IT managers and business owners who issue Android devices to their employees or use them in their everyday work.

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Communication Is Key at Gravity: How Our Support Keeps You Up and Running

Posted by GS Staff on Jun 14, 2017 12:03:46 AM

If you're a business, sales or administrative veteran, you're aware of the critical importance of communication in keeping the gears of your enterprise turning smoothly. This is as true for your IT functionality as it is for any other aspect of your business. But when you've got Gravity Systems on your side, you can rest assured that our communications skills can help you stay in the technological loop.

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Relocating Your Business? Gravity Systems Can Make It Easier

Posted by GS Staff on Jun 9, 2017 3:06:14 AM

Relocating an entire business, or even just one branch of a business, involves a lot more than just packing a bunch of boxes, especially where the technical aspects of your operations are concerned. Where should everything go? How should it be set up? What will we need at the new site? These questions become a lot simpler when our Austin IT business services team is providing the answers.

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Summer Break: The Perfect Time for Schools to Improve Their IT

Posted by GS Staff on Jun 2, 2017 8:05:17 AM

When Alice Cooper proclaims that “School's out for summer,” it's a shout of triumph that students everywhere can relate to. But as they're heading off for their summer vacations, swimming lessons and camp activities, school administrators remain hard to work preparing their institutions the next term. These days, technology plays a huge role in academic services and resources – so isn't this the perfect time to work on optimizing your IT setup?

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Why “Managed IT” Doesn't Mean Giving Up Control of Your Technology

Posted by GS Staff on May 27, 2017 3:06:05 AM

If you know anything about Gravity Systems, you probably know that we're a leading provider of managed IT services in Austin, TX. But what exactly does “managed services” mean – and how much autonomy over your IT systems and staff do you have to give up when engaging our expert team to handle everyday tasks? If you've been hesitant to look into this type of IT care, you'll be delighted to learn that your IT department can reap enormous benefits from it – while still remaining very much your IT department.

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Don't Let the Bad Guys Hold Your Data for Ransom

Posted by GS Staff on May 17, 2017 5:59:32 AM

Here's a scenario to keep any business owner awake at night: You take a wrong turn on the Information Superhighway, and you're confronted with a frightening-looking screen bearing even more frightening news – your critical data is no longer accessible to you unless you pay an exorbitant fee. This is ransomware, and it's a very real threat to IT systems everywhere, unless you have the expert guidance of yourAustin IT support teamat Gravity Systems.

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Traffic in Austin Is a Mess. Time to Offer Telecommuting?

Posted by GS Staff on May 12, 2017 6:57:30 AM

If you've spent any time driving to and from work in Austin, Texas lately, you probably spent most of that time, not driving, but sitting still in your car. As the population of the state capital rises, its transportation infrastructure and employer geography remain largely the same, creating epic traffic jams and making the daily commute an enormous waste of workers' time, energy and productivity.

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Backup Internet for Your Business: Your Connectivity Safety Net

Posted by GS Staff on May 4, 2017 5:49:54 AM

How dependent on the Internet is your business? Do you take a large volume of credit card orders each day, rely on a virtual server, conduct important communications over VoIP or get most of your new customers through your website?

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How Changes in Net Neutrality Could Affect Your IT Needs

Posted by GS Staff on Apr 27, 2017 5:42:43 AM

Now that the FCC is looking to repeal net neutrality regulations, the Internet may no longer be the public commodity we've all come to take for granted. That's because the big Internet service providers may be allowed to charge extra for premium Internet speeds and services.

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Data Backup Done Right

Posted by GS Staff on Apr 21, 2017 2:18:16 AM

Most business owners and IT department heads will recognize the critical importance of backing up company data. You probably do, too, especially if you've heard your share of horror stories about companies shutting down for good due to catastrophic data loss. But simply running those backups isn't enough – you also have to make absolutely sure that they're done right.

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