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Gravity Workspace

Let Gravity Systems handle your project management and collaboration with the Gravity Work virtual workplace. This Web-based hosted service eliminates the need to buy a pricey server just to connect 4 or 5 team members working together on an important project. In addition to handling the server hosting tasks, Gravity Work provides you with an advanced, full-featured online “project room” where your team can put their heads to together on new products, services and ideas, even if they're thousands of miles apart from each other.

It's About Teamwork

The Gravity Work project space allows you to upload or download all kinds of files, even large multimedia files, without a hitch. Team members can shares images, movies, audio, documents and other information, and they can also leave messages, comments or questions as part of the collaborative process. Gravity Work also permits users to edit or manipulate files as needed to help the project reach its next step. It truly is the next best thing to being there!

It's About Management

Project managers love Gravity Work as much as project team members do. You can give different team members varying levels of access by assigning specific permissions. You can receive a news feed containing recent comments and changes. You can even get time-stamped work histories for precise tracking of the progress of each project milestone. And all the while you'll rest assured that regularly scheduled backups are preserving the work as it's developed. You couldn't ask for a more helpful collaborative management tool.

Skip the expensive local server and run your next collaborative project over the Web. Contact Gravity Systems today to put Gravity Work to work for your company.