Gravity Phone

If your small business needs a full-featured automated phone routing system, you may have been putting it off because you don't want to pay $10,000 to $15,000 for a dedicated server box just to run the thing. And nobody looks forward to the hassle of setting up and configuring a multi-line phone routing system, especially if it means calling in a technician every time you want to make a minor change. But now you can solve the financial obstacle and the logistical headache all with a single smart move -- using Gravity Systems Austin's hosted Gravity Phone service to run your phone system over the Internet.

Comprehensive Message Access and Call Routing

Turn your Web connection into a comprehensive automated phone routing system with Gravity Phone. Create simple or complex nested voice menus and announcements to direct incoming callers to their proper destination every time. (You can even pre-program the menu and announcements to give different options for after-hours or holiday calls.) Have your voicemails sent to your email box, and check all your messages and call history through an integrated, intuitive Web-based interface. You can access the system from any Internet-ready device, including a workplace desktop, your home laptop or even your smartphone.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

Gravity Systems Austin's fast, secure, always-on server can host your entire phone system with all the ease and responsiveness you'd get from hosting the service yourself. Even more so, in fact, because Gravity Phone includes comprehensive support from our team of experts. And adding new extensions to the system occurs completely automatically -- Gravity Phone instantly configures that new phone and creates a new extension for it. No more waiting for the tech guy!  We can even relocate your entire system to a different office site simply by switching the Internet pipes.

Gravity Phone gives you the serious phone system your business needs without a serious price tag -- a monthly service fee makes it happen! Contact us to get started.