Gravity Apps

You'd be amazed how many companies rely on shared proprietary software to get their daily business done -- automated checkout programs for a small army of cashiers, manufacturing applications for assembly lines, job management programs for construction crews and so on -- unless of course your own business fits that description too. But up to now, if you wanted to share a proprietary application among groups of workers, you would have to sink $20k or more into a dedicated server just for that one application. Fortunately, now you can save that money for other things and go with a smarter choice -- Gravity App, the hosted application service from Gravity Systems Austin.

Wider Access, Lower Cost

Gravity App runs on our own Gravity Systems servers to keep your industry-specific application ready for business 24 hours a day. Forget about hardwired solutions -- now your employees can log into and use the application from any Internet-ready desktop or laptop. This Web-based approach offers another huge advantage in that it allows you operate a Windows-only program from your Mac or vice versa. As long as you've got a Web browser, you've got access.

The Trouble-free Solution

If you shelled out the big bucks for that local server, you'd still be saddled with the responsibility for setting it up, making it work and keeping it operational, especially if your business can't function for a moment with it. Gravity App takes that problem out of your lap as well. Gravity Systems Austin uses only the most secure, reliable servers, with your program made available over our redundantInternet service. And our skill and experience at monitoring, troubleshooting and tech support is at your service.

Pay less and get more by sharing your industry-specific apps through Gravity App, the hosted service that's good for business in more ways than one. Contact Gravity Systems Austin today for more information.